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Have fun exploring the song sequences of the Grateful Dead! This is an interactive Excel Spreadsheet that lists every song, every time it was played. With this spreadsheet you can filter for a certain song, and then also filter for every song that was played before or after it, or by year, by guest musicians, or any other column in the spreadsheet to see trends and other interesting statistics! Have fun exploring, and check out the full E-Book Listen To The Music Play if you like this. 

To get this for free, put "0" for the price and click the "I want this!" button. If you'd like to contribute a little money to my effort, please put some amount in the price box. It's always appreciated and helps keep this free for everyone. 

Be sure to put a good email that you can access because Gumroad will send a download link for future reference if you ever need to get it again.

NOTE: You will need an app that can open Excel (.xlsx, .xls) file types on your device. Microsoft has a free Excel reader app for most devices including Apple and Android, and I highly recommend using it to get full functionality.

Have fun, and thank you!

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Every Time Played Excel Spreadsheet

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